Protect your family online. Prevent unwanted exposure to adult content and more. Monitor Your Kids Online Activities.

Sometimes the world just sucks. That's how I feel whenever I see the kinds of things we sometimes have to clear off our clients' home computers. And it's not that they have necessarily done anything wrong. Most of the time, one of their kids happens to be looking for gaming codes or music, and they accidentally clicked on... BAM. And another 10-year-old just got exposed to adult or other unsavory materials that have no right being in front of a child's eyes.

We can help you protect your family from this stuff. Home and Office Computers provides inexpensive content filtering and access-control solutions for your family, not just your office and small business. We can setup simple solutions to keep out certain kinds of content, control how much time your kids spend online (ain't nothing wrong with playing outside, remember!), and make sure nobody's getting online when they should be in bed asleep.

Give us a call at 860-283-5474 and talk to one of our technicians about how we can provide you with Family-Safe IT. We'd love to help!